Martin's FPV Drones Dominating the Skies Over High-Speed Canadian Sporting Events and Motorsport Championships!

with our SuperBuzz custom-build FPV drone, approved for controlled airspace by Transport Canada. Redefining boundaries, we capture the heart and soul of every action at Canadian sporting and motocross events!

Experience the thrill of fast and safe aerial filming,

Beyond Limits

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what you can expect


  • Our clients receive all 4K quality, raw drone footage collected on site. This level of quality is perfect for promotional materials and social media sharing.
  • We deliver this to you within 48 hours, ensuring that the exhilarating moments of your sport event are ready for review and sharing in no time. Quick access to high-quality content means faster sharing and extended buzz for your event.


  • Our pricing is designed to accommodate the varied needs of sports leagues and teams
  • Choose between per hour filming or a daily rate, with about 5 hours on-site coverage, ideal for both short and extended sports events.

 Additional Costs Made Clear

  • Advertised events require special approval and safety plan send to Transport Canada for which one-time  fee will apply
  • Adhering to Transport Canada regulations, visual observers are provided at $50.00 per hour for each, ensuring the safety and compliance of your sports event

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Q. What inspired you to build a custom drone instead of using a standard DJI drone, and how does it set you apart in capturing the essence of high-speed events and sports championships?

While DJI drones do a great job for certain tasks, they're not exactly built for speed and high-performance. I tried out other FPV drones available off the shelf, only to find they couldn't keep up with the fast-paced demands of events like racetracks and airshows. Realizing the need for speed, I decided to take matters into my own hands and modify drones to deliver the results my clients were looking for. I've seen others use FPV drones to film extreme sports events and I wanted to bring that to Alberta. Fortunately, Edmonton has a large and diverse motorsport community. 

The SuperBuzz FPV drone is my way of pushing the boundaries in aerial filming. In 2023, I even added special systems to ensure it behaves just the way Transport Canada approves. Now, it's one of the very few custom-built drones in Canada authorized to fly in controlled airspace and near people. This means I can take on clients and projects that I wouldn't have been able to otherwise. It's all about making the impossible possible! Recently seen at the Alberta International AirShow 2023.

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