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Drone Meet-Ups

Edmonton Alberta Canada

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Welcome to our drone community here in Edmonton!
Whether you're a seasoned pilot or just starting, we embrace pilots of all levels. During the summer months, we gather monthly to enjoy the open skies and share our passion for flying. But that's not all!
In partnership with the Veterans Food Bank, I've organized monthly whoop drone races indoors — all for a small $10 donation to support a great cause. It's a perfect blend of fun and giving back.
So why wait? Follow my social channels and join our Facebook group.
Join Edmonton's most fun and supportive drone community!

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Q. How did the idea of organizing drone meet-ups in Edmonton come about, and what impact has it had on the local drone community?

The idea for drone meet-ups stemmed from a personal need to connect with fellow drone enthusiasts. Initially flying solo, I felt the urge to build a sense of community where we could share our passion and knowledge. These meet-ups have not only created a vibrant community but have also evolved into something more meaningful through our partnership with the Veteran's Association Food Bank, extending the meet-ups to include indoor drone racing year-round.

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